Friday, July 3, 2015

The weather and its consequences

I can’t believe what I am going to write.

I miss English weather!

All right. Breath three times, better four and don’t panic. I know that it sounds crazy but really, for the garden the best climate ever is the English. It is mild and wet and the most important thing it is not so anarchic, unlike the continental climate which it has the garden in a continuous fun fair.

Today rainy, tomorrow dry, this morning hot, this evening cold as ice. Perhaps it is the climate change. Who knows.

One annoying example. The sweet peas.

With minus 10ºC is not wise to seed them in February so you wait, naturally. Well, be happy if you get a flower at all in the middle of July. And if you win the lottery perhaps you’ll have more than three flowers.

So you end up buying from the nursery and guess what: they never have the sweet peas you want.

I am defeated, I miss English weather.

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