Monday, May 18, 2015

The first rose of 2015: Abraham Darby

From now on I will publish a photo, I hope, of the first flower of the garden. Well, in this case the first rose.

This year the competition was very hard. After a proper pruning it looked like Sebastian Kneipp was ahead but Abraham Thomas started to shoot in a way that by now is two meters high again. Then our friend Leonardo Da Vinci got a chance and although is now a huge bush, the flowers are taking their time.

But I didn’t realize what was going on on the front garden. Who knows, normally I run through without looking so I missed the lovely Abraham Darby.

We had to almost cut down the edge there and the roses had at last a lot of sun to profit from. And here it is: the first rose of the year.

So pretty and so pink inside. You just want to eat it!

Abraham Darby English Rose (David Austin Rose)

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