Thursday, September 18, 2014

Growing Shiitake mushrooms (I). The ways

It was that documentary, I swear. We were watching a documentary about Japanese cuisine and there it was. The Shiitake mushroom plantations in the middle of the forest and it came to our mind that we had no idea what to do with the by now five square meters desert under the pine tree in our garden.

Reading here and there we learnt that not only the Shiitake is full of nutritious properties and it is a delicatessen but that it is really easy and cheap to grow. So Shiitake mushroom it is.

There are two ways of growing Shiitake as far I know. One is super easy and the other is very easy.

The super easy way is buying the substrate with the mushroom injected. Basically you do nothing and in few days you get results. The other easy way is inserting already infected pieces of wood with the mushroom in a big log and sooner or later the Shiitake will find its way of popping up.

I’ll keep you inform about the latest news in the future. I hope it works.

Preparations for growing Shiitake mushrooms

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