Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Roses galore

I love the moment when all or almost all the roses flower at the same time. It is not easy. With luck it only happens a couple of times a year but when it happens... well, it is wonderful.

The garden is full of colour and every room in the house rejoices with a fresh brunch. It is even possible to match colours and hues with the place the arrangement is going to be. For me a quite exciting moment (remember that gardening is something I have been into only for few years).

So, this is the result. Leonardo Da Vinci (red and pink), Strawberry Hill, Pat Austin, Abraham Darby, Brother Cadfael, Gertrude Jekyll, Heritage, Sebastian Kneipp, José Carreras and Schneewittchen or Iceberg. This time.

Roses in vases 

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