Thursday, September 5, 2013

What the white bench sees. Borage vs. lavender

My cousin the white bench (behind in the picture), told me the other day that the borage survived. At least one of them. Years ago they were all over the place but the lavender came (OK, it was planted) and overtook the space.

Who could have guessed it? Two of three winters in average are so bad that the lavender doesn’t survived but for some strange reason the borage always came back again and again. So we thought that the borage didn’t need any encouragement and we focussed on the lavender.

Obviously it was partly wrong. Don’t misunderstand me. We love lavender but the borage has now a lot of difficulties.

We have hopes though. The borage has found a way to grow and it looks very cute. Touch wood!

Borage Flower


Teresa said...

Preciosa. Saludos.

Gardening said...

Muchas gracias.

Que pases buen dia.

Un saludo

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