Monday, August 26, 2013

An unexpected vegetable from the garden

We have planted tomatoes, chard, some beans but not this. Another wonderful thing about having your own compost is that there is always the possibility of finding surprises growing in your garden. Seeds that ended up in your compost and find a way to live through and shoot in the most unexpected places.

Few years ago we gave a plant to a friend and used our compost to fill up the pot. After a week our friend phoned. “You are not going to believe that”, he said. “A tomato plant is growing in the pot as well”. So we gave two instead of one. Happy ending.

This time was in our garden beds. In a corner something we didn’t plant was growing and look what we got. A zucchini of 840 grams. No pesticides and no fertilizers; just water, sun and love. I doesn't look good only, it tastes better!

Organic Zucchini

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