Friday, July 26, 2013

Homemade cherry jam

What would you do with kilos and kilos and kilos and kilos of cherries? Exactly: cherry jam.

I have to say that I only follow the recipes of the books twice. The first one to learn how to prepare the recipe and the second to understand the sense behind the recipe. Afterwards I just try my own version so my cooking every time tastes different.

As a general rule the jam should have 700 g of sugar per kilo of fruit (peeled and without bones) but because I have not a sweet tooth (sorry) I add much less sugar. How much? I don’t know. I follow what my tongue says and it is normally right. If I must calculate probably it is one part of sugar and three parts of fruit -more if the fruit is not very ripe fruit or it is too sour, etc.

I don’t peel the cherries and they have so much water that it is not necessary to add any at all but the bones must be out. While you do so, you can boil the glass containers and their tops. Then mix together in a big saucepan the fruit and the sugar and boil during 20 minutes. It is important to stir to make sure the mixture doesn’t get stuck at the bottom of the pan and even better if you always stir on the same direction.

After the 20 min. put some jam on a plate, let it cool down and then incline the plate and if the juice slides in fine layer means the jam is perfect. If on the contrary, the juice is too fluid you must boil the mixture a little longer.

Fill up the containers till the very top and keep them up side down till the jam cools completely down.


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