Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hedgehogs in the garden

We are proud of having three of the most amazing creatures in the world living in the garden. It seems they are comfortable here and they walk up and down without concerning about the humans being around. They have plenty to eat and to drink and many little nooks to sleep when it gets cold.

Here they are: the hedgehogs. Spiky II and Spiky III. As I said, there are three of them but Spiky I is shy and tends to snore all day long.

Spiky II and III are very busy even in midday hours. One of them searches always for food and sniffs loudly while the other follows and gets some shut-eye every five minutes. Hedgehogs are very cute when they sleep. They take deep breaths and hide the head sidewise under the arm becoming a ball of spines so they can’t be bother by any other animal.

Hedgehogs are very noisy while they eat as well. They suck every snail that ventures to be in their way and then they cough for few minutes like if they got tuberculosis or something like that. Ah! And they can run amazingly fast -what happens when we try to get too close.

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