Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Garden beds

The Garden Chair always wanted to have a kitchen garden. Here the winters are very long and quite hard but nature catches up in spring and summer so, why not?

When we saw that the roots of the big pine tree at the end of the garden were lifting the wooden terrace, we decided to get rid of half of it and recycle the boards to build the beds.

Garden bed with just planted vegetables

There are three of them. Two of 2mx1m and one of 1,5mx1m and they are doing the job extremely well. So well that we are searching for new recipes to avoid getting bored.

Tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, lettuce, peppers, peas, radish and chard -we’ll try with potatoes and corn, next year.

The chard has been a nice and unexpected surprise; perhaps because it is not available around here in the supermarkets and it’s almost unknown by the general public. It is very colourful plant and delicious, too. Quite common in the mediterranean diet, it is, more or less, like spinach with a high content of iron. It needs to be cooked and tastes the best with onion, garlic and a little bit of paprika (spanish pimentón) slightly fried with olive oil.

Fresh chard

The Garden Chair is now happy, happy.

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