Friday, July 19, 2013


I don’t know why many people are against compost. I mean, people buy compost but they don’t like having it around in the garden. Perhaps they believe that it stinks or it is not very esthetic, who knows.

But, why do you buy compost if you have already a garden? It sounds a waste of money to me.

Just the left overs of the garden like grass, old leaves, little pieces of wood from pruning, old flowers, etc, can be enough to be self-sufficient.

Left overs of food can help as well. My rule is to avoid any kind of cooked or processed food but the rest goes to the compost. Coffee, tea (including the bags), salad, eggshells (very good for compensating the extra acidity of the compost), onion and garlic skins...

So far the pros.

The cons, well. For me there are no cons, just few compromises, like everything in life.

Of course you need space to put the compost. It has to be piled somewhere and somehow but these days there are millions of buckets for that purpose in the market. Any size, any material and if you are not very patient you can always buy special substances to accelerate the process.

After having for years with the commercial composters I ended up having a customized one. Made of thick boards of larch wood, not treated with chemicals, slightly bigger that the composters in the markets (a little bit more than one cubic meter) and the boards of the front are removable so it is very easy to empty.

Who said that a composter has to be ugly?

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