Saturday, June 22, 2013

Abraham Darby petals

Lots of them. Pinkish, yellowish, lightish and all of the “ish” you can imagine. And the fragance...

Abraham Darby Petals

I am very happy that our bush of Abraham Darby rose has survived the winter. For the last two years the winters have been so long a so cold -with temperatures around -20ºC for weeks- that we really believed that it was to much for the plant. Actually the last spring and summer it didn’t grow at all; it just kept few leafs and only gave four roses.

But this year, like a phoenix bird, it was reborn.

To avoid to spend to much energy in developing hips, I have harvested the flowers to use the dried petals for making tee and other mixtures. It will be the first time I do something like that so wish me luck.

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