Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pink flower garden

It must be something unconscious. It is obvious that the Garden Chair likes pink in all of the shades available. Just with the almost fading roses of the Leonardo da Vinci rose, the Red Leonardo da Vinci rose, the Strawberry Hill rose and the peonies I got these arrangements.

Leonardo da Vinci rose, Red Leonardo da Vinci rose and Strawberry Hill rose

The Leonardo da Vinci varieties go perfectly together. From crimson to pale pink these flowers go through all the spectrum.

Leonardo da Vinci rose and Red Leonardo da Vinci rose

I save these peonies from the hunger of the slimy slugs and voilĂ !


The roses below are Strawberry Hill and although they look like falling apart they hold their beauty long and the smell is fantastic.

Strawberry Hill rose


Tulla and Catie said...

Stellar photos!
Have a nice day,

Gardening said...

Thank you very much! ;)

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