Monday, June 4, 2012

The new peony

The peonies are flowering at last and they are so pretty that the Garden Chair decided to buy more to plant them just opposite on the other side of the main path. Easy task, in principle.

Full of excitement and some money in the pocket the searching of The Peony started but soon it became an impossible mission. It took approximately half an hour to find the section in the garden center where in principle the peonies are and surprisingly there were only three little ill plants available and for an astronomic price!

Peonies in this area must be out of fashion because there were none, really. Moment of giving up but... what was there between the dahlias and the little conifers? Just the peony the Garden Chair was looking for: Paeonia “Shirley Temple”.

Paeonia "Shirley Temple"

Promised to do well in shadow -perfect for the purpose- with nice scent pale pink flowers and the plant becomes reddish in Autumn.
Mission accomplished.

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