Thursday, June 28, 2012

New garden bench

It was hard to resist. When you see something like this you should get it if possible.

This is the new acquisition for the garden. Among all the materials available I prefer wood for the garden furniture and this piece has an special touch. It is made of teak but recycled teak and it looks quite new after all. In the pictures you can see that the bench seat is made ​of different pieces put together (one of them keeps little holes from older times) and then sanded to shape the smooth rounded corners.

Recycled teak bench

Is very stable but not so large that it can’t be moved wherever necessary. So far it was the seat for the grill master in the last barbecue, the horse for the little ones and do not know why people tend to sit down there and not on the other "more comfortable" chairs and benches.

Recycled garden teak bench

8 comments: said...

Love that bench. So natural, homey and rustic.

Gardening said...

Hello Donna!
Thanks for stopping by. Pleased you like the bench too. ;)
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kleine-creative-Welt said...

Hi Donna,

many thanks for your visit and nice comment -

I have admired the beautiful flowers in your blog photos - the bank is so beautiful - a great wood -

a lot of fun with the bank -



Gardening said...

Hello Ruth!

Danke sehr! Ich liebe Holz :)

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Green Worx said...

Nice one! I think the wooden benches looks lovely in the garden and enhance the look between the green surrounding.

Zuzu said...

It's a beauty. I can see why everyone wants to sit on it. :)
Your blog photography is gorgeous! I'll have to pop over and visit again soon.
~ Zuzu

Gardening said...

Thanks! ;)

Gardening said...

One of the best things of having teak wood furniture!
Thanks for your comment :)

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