Sunday, May 13, 2012

After the winter

It is quite sad to check the damages our garden suffered during the last winter. The sudden frost, too much snow and the very low temperatures during weeks are deadly for our plants and some of them are not able to recover from that.

What to do? Simply nothing. Just wait and see if the plant can overcome itself.
I know that the excitement of the spring doesn’t help. We want to clean, prune and plant a new garden but nature needs time and why not to give to our plants a couple of weeks to recover. Afterwards a new garden can be laid out.

This photo is from one of our roses. As you can see, the frost has damaged the branches but just now it is growing from the very bottom.

Another example. The magnolia tree had few branches totally naked for weeks while the rest of the tree was flowering already. Yesterday we have realized that those branches weren’t as dead as we thought.

Life comes through!

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